April 1st, 2011

Mmm pirates

General Update

I do have one more photo heavy birthday post to share but that can wait as I there's one more photo I want to take before posting it and I haven't the energy or the wherewithal to manage that at the moment.

I've been a bit feverish the last couple of days which ended in me nearly crying in the middle of a game of Catan last night. Path.et.ic. Stupid rising temperature, random hyperactivity and inability to take in enough information. It's not as if anyone other than David was ever going to win that game, as was obvious from the moment he built his second city. I then spent the rest of the evening feeling like a fool. Grrrrr. Was still fun playing some of my new birthday games for the first time even though we only played one of the pirate themed ones and it was... well, it's basically moustrap but in pirate form so it's a bit basic and clearly aimed at children. Also the traps need a *lot* of help to keep their momentum going. Still, pirates! Yay!

I had my first Physio session and wrote about it here so I shan't go into that again.

There was also another massive panic over my finances as once AGAIN it's taken the whole month for HR to get my sick notes back to me so my ESA has been stopped until I can send them to them. Bills still come out of my account whether HR are incompetent or not so I was fretting my little head off. Then this morning work had randomly paid some money into my account and, whilst it doesn't solve all our financial woes, it does stop me falling into the enormous pit of overdrawnedness and ever increasing debt that work's inability to post a piece of fucking paper was causing to happen!
*Note to self: pick up payslip*

Other than that there's not much else to report. I've been recovering from birthday and am still on book eight (Toll the Hounds) of The Malazan Book of the Fallen as it's just so bloody huge I can't hold the stupid thing. Annoying as hell!

How're y'all?