April 29th, 2011

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Tea blogging: resumed(ish)

So I stopped doing the alphabetical tea drinking.
This was initially because we got to Cassia Flower Oolong and got all over excited and unable to drink anything else for a while (I say we and probably it was mostly just me)
This tweet from over a month ago backs me up on that:

"seems to mostly be drinking Cassia Flower Oolong #tea at the moment. I should get back into the alphabetical drink through for some variety!"

Yes I just quoted my own twitter. What of it?

After (and also during) the Cassi Flower binge I had a flare up of the fibromyalgia which lead to me being unable to cope with much caffeine or tannin so black teas were out for a while there. It also meant my brain couldn't cope with things like thinking and communicating. AND there was my birthday party which was organised with military precision.

So, yes, there was a hiatus. It's over now. Over the weekend I'll catch up on all the teas I'd tweeted but not blogged and will also tweet the next few.

In other, still tea related, news, I want the Amber Dragon Oolong, and the Lemon Chiffon teas from The NecessiTeas. Damn this not having an income.

Ooh and also: Lookit all the pretty tea bags and infusers!
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