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Yep, that's as exciting as my life gets...

The last week felt like quite a busy week, as busy as things get these days anyway.

Last Friday freedrinkdave's brother came over from Germany to attend their Grandad's funeral and then stayed for the weekend.
The combination of their post funeral tiredness and my usual rubbishness meant that we didn't make it to a famous dead people themed 30th birthday party in the evening so I now have an unworn Amelia Earhart Costume. If people can come up with events in and around the Reading area to wear it to then I would be pleased - there's something satsifying about wearing flying goggles.
As Paul was here and needed to eat all the things he couldn't get in Germany we went out for Chinese, had fish and chips and ate sausages at every available opportunity, unhealthy buts supremely tasty!

Simon came over in the evening on the Sunday and we played a LOT of Settlers of Catan, Seafarers expansion. We can categorically say that a) Simon is stupidly good (or possibly lucky) at it and b) the very best scenario is the fog island one - explory excitement!

Monday we went to see aliannurai and Keegan, they cooked us yummy curry for dinner again and we played some more Seafarers. People love it.

Tuesday I did nothing, pyjama, fatigue and lots of pain day as a result of all that fun having.

Wednesday is my usual day for going to sexygoldfish_uk's in the evening. I went in early so I could go for tea and cake (okay so I actually had a sundae and some juice) with Katrina. Twas a much needed catch up - I very miss her!

Thursday was another non-day. Lots of aching, lots of suddenly finding my eyes were closing. Grr at it.

Friday I had my medical examination with ATOS to see if I get to keep the ESA benefit. More on that on cwenedefae.

Yesterday I managed to get up and into town for the farmers market so I could get some of the things I needed for my Pirates vs Tea birthday party next weekend. It was hard work and I was glad that I could go back to fishes afterwards and curl up on the sofa watching Buffy. Lots of Buffy.

Today my David is going to take me to see all the baby things on the lake - you know, the lake that's pretty much right outside my front door :o) - and then we'll do some more birthday baking. Strenuous baking is saved for when David is here to stir for me <3 :)

Oh yes and I've also been re-reading my way thorugh The Malazan Book of the Fallen, plus the Novels of the Malazan Empire, for the last couple of weeks so I can get caught up prior to reading The Crippled God. Trouble is from Reapers Gale onward they're all so bloody massive I have difficulty holding them! Stupid weak arms!

Even if you're not coming and/or don't know anything about tea, if you haven't yet suggested some teas for my birthday seven, go here and do so :)
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