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Party Teas Chosen

I know I said I'd do a poll with the shortlist but looking at the responses I got it became really very easy to work out what everything should be.

We already had the Yunnan - a China black, and the Ice Cream - a caffeine free flavoured.

The two Ts with the most votes were Tieguanyin (Iron Goddess of Mercy) and Tropical Sorbet. The Tropical Sorbet, although fruity is actually quite similar to the ice cream tea, they're both light and sweet. Also, Iron Goddess of Mercy, who wouldn't want that?! So yes, T = Tieguanyin.

Because the Tieguanyin is an Oolong there wasn't really any need to have the Houchiga - although it's a very different style of Oolong - so I've bowed to the weight of numbers asking for it and gone with the HArmutty Assam. It IS a delicious Assam and having something that bit stronger we can add milk to is undoubtedly wise.

With C,R and S left the one with the most votes out of all of them is the Russian Samovar. Russian Samovar is a rich, malty and smoky black tea with a surprising sweetness and I have to admit that I really, really love it. So that's made the list.

Two left. For balance I really need one of these to be green and one to be flavoured.

After much deliberation I've gone for Chun Mee, a China Green, and the Scherezade which is green tea with fig, a slighly unusual flavour.

Final List is:

C = Chun Mee - Green
H = Harmutty - Black (Indian)
R = Russian Samovar - Black, Smoky
I = Ice Cream - Caffeine Free, Flavoured
S = Scherezade - Green, Flavoured
T = Tieguanyin - Oolong
Y = Yunnan - Black (China)

Thanking you all for whittling it down and making it easier for me :)
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