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Bread and other things

When prepping for my birthday party I stole all of Simon's tupperwear off him (also all of sexygoldfish_uk's tupperwear and in I still had to buy some more) and whilst he was rousting it out he came across his bread machine.

A couple of weeks later I borrowed said bread machine.
I've been wanting to make bread for a while - David loves fresh bread a very lot - but am very aware of the fact that my hands and wrists won't let me knead it.
Using a Bread Machine is sort of cheating but it's as good as I'm going to get until I gain back some stength into my pathetic little arms.

So far we've only made two basic white loaves with it as we were just figuring out how it worked. We've discovered we prefer the lighter crust setting and also that using the timer so there's fresh bread first thing in the morning makes the house smell very yummy but also makes it a bit humid and stuffy - next time we'll know to open a window!

Whilst being all domestic we also made some toffee. Toffee toffee toffee!
Unfortunately some of the toffee leapt out of the pan and burnt my right index finger so I spent a long time sitting with it under the tap and then wrapped in a wet cloth. Due to this it hasn't blistered - hurrah! - but is still blimmin sore. I did TRY sleeping with my hand wrapped in the wet cloth as it was far too painful without but that is a difficult thing to do. Eventually I decided to try the magic blister plasters and the application of one of those removed all pain and made sleeping possible - hurrah!

I don't have pictures of bread, toffee or even Tuesdays lemon drizzle cake. That seems somewhat slack of me. Sorry.

The lovely singanathema sent me this link to a Harry Potter Proposal that made me choke up a little.

Time to get on with stuff and things....

ETA: Red Sparowes stupidly long song titles mean you can't fit the artist AND the title into the music box. Madness.
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