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faeriecween plonkington-smythe.... or Christy.
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  • Exeter College - Exeter, England - Devon, United Kingdom (2000 - 2003)
I guess I could put a little bit about me....

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I like reading and writing and dancing like a an idyit and I flit between hating people and desperately needing to be alone and a passionate need to be surrounded by people.

For once life seems relatively stable and happifying, if one ignores the mega health issues. Watch this spacefor how long that lasts I guess (that's cautious optimism by the way)...

I have Fibromyalgia and if you want to read about how I cope witht that then you need to go here

I love tea often blather on endlessly about it :o)

My favourite tea is either a yummy Yunnan or Genmaicha- so if you want to make me happy then you can make me a cup of either of those... :o)

Other than that I bounce, I giggle, I flirt and I hug...

Marriage is love.

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